Sports round-up

Henleaze Junior School has had yet another very busy and successful year of sport. The school has been involved in over 40 sporting events, in many different sports, with events for everyone. Here are a few of the many highlights

The school football team started the year by winning the Bristol City Kids Cup. They were presented the cup at Ashton Gate and played an exhibition game after the league game with Ipswich Town. The team went on to play in the Championship, South of England Finals at Brentry, where they lost the semi-final to a team from Ipswich who went on to win and play at Wembley. The boys team also went on to win the North Bristol League and Cup double and went on to make the Bristol Cup Final at Ashton Gate, losing in extra time.

The Girls football team also had a very successful season, losing just one game all year, winning the North Bristol Cup and narrowly losing in the semi-final of the Bristol Cup, also at Ashton Gate.

Our athletes have also again had a very busy and an exciting year. Our respective teams have won the North Bristol Indoor Athletics completion and were narrowly beaten into second place at the Wesport Winter Games, West of England Final. The outdoor athletics team managed to go one better winning the North Bristol competition and also winning the West of England Final at the Summer Games at Bath University, where we also had both boys and girls individual champions. The Cross Country teams have also excelled winning many team races and individual titles over the year.

It has also been an exceptional year for our cricket teams with the year 5 and 6 boys team just losing out in the North Bristol semi-finals and the Girls going on to win the equivalent competition and then winning the County competition at Cheltenham College to qualify for the South of England Finals. The year 4 team also won the North Bristol event and got to the County Finals semi-final.

We ventured into the world of dodgeball for the first time this year and the team also won the North Bristol event and played in the West of England Finals at the University of the West of England Winter Games.

The school would like to thank all the staff and parents who have made all this possible and would like to congratulate all the pupils for their sporting endeavour over this year. Well done everyone.

Beauty and the Beast

Year 6 have been working incredibly hard for the last couple of weeks on their end of year show, and now it is all ready for the first performance in front of an audience on Monday.

To start with, most of the work involved the actors learning their lines and everyone else learning the songs. This week, the sound and lighting crews have got to grips with some very sophisticated technology, the costume and props department have kitted everyone out, and the stage hands have rehearsed all of the scene changes. The film crew have made a trailer, which you can find on our Beauty and the Beast webpage, and the Box Office have almost sold out of tickets for our two performances on 11th and 13th July.

Athletics in Bath

On Wednesday the 5th of July, a group year sixes and one year five travelled to the University of Bath to take part in an athletics tournament that consisted of four events: the 600 metres, the 75 metre sprint, the standing long jump and the vortex throw.

After the opening ceremony, we made our way down to the field where the competition was to be held. Our first event was the 600m and the boys started Henleaze going with Nicholas finishing in 1 minute 53 seconds and the rest of them finishing 2nd, 3rd, 4th and 5th at around 2minutes 10 seconds. Next up, were the girls who (just like the boys) performed excellently and took the top spot. This time it was Aryana that won with a time of 2 minutes 3 seconds and all the other girls finishing a few seconds behind. We had a break after, so we took the chance to regain our energy in the hot weather; at that point Mr VJ promised us that if we won he’d get us Mcflurries. Now we were ready to take part in the next event.

Following the 600m, we had the vortex throw: we were hoping to equal our success in the run. There were 4 coloured zones – red being the best distance. Only two people from other schools that we saw had made it to the red area. We were wanting to have many more than that. The boys started first again with Nick P getting the furthest and Nick Y coming close behind stealing second with 33.3m. Unfortunately the technique that we had practised was disallowed by the scorers so Aryana wasn’t able to throw as far as she could but still managed to get a great distance with 36.6m. As well as her, the other girls also bagged us some points by throwing it into the blue zone- the next furthest zone. Overall, a great outcome for Henleaze.

The 75m sprint was next to come so we headed down the field to the start. Headley Park were our biggest rivals as they had beaten us before in other sporting competitions and they were showing it here as well. Every sprint was very close with Henleaze and Headley Park battling it out for victory. Gemma came out on top in her race and was the fastest of the girls. Jai also ran a great race with a time of 10.9 seconds. However we still had the standing long jump to go and as we knew our rivals were close to us on points, everything was still to jump for.

Another break with a practice standing long jump and the real thing was underway. The boys were up first with Nick P jumping 1.96m and Jai excelling with 2.06m. After a few unfortunate disqualifications by stepping over the line, we were finished. The girls did great as well as Phoebe S managed to jump a whopping 2.08m. Mr Dash handed in the results and all that was left to do was wait. 15 minutes later the totals were in and we were called over to find out where we had come. In second place was Headley Park and we had come out top. Nick P then won the boys individuals and Aryana did the same but for the girls. Phoebe S did really well snatching 3rd place comfortably.

Year 4 cricket

On Tuesday 4th of July 2017, a group of year fours went to Wickliffe school in Stroud to compete in a kwik cricket tournament. Our first match was against Cam. George won us the toss and we chose to field first. We got off to a good start with Tom making an amazing catch and  George hitting an amazing six over the Wicke’s head. The scores were in for the match. Cam got 239 runs and Henleaze got 274 runs.

Next we were up against the easiest team in the tournament. We won comfortably 203 / 264  to Henleaze. We were through to the semi final. We played the hardest team in the tournament C.K.J.S. We lost the toss and we batted first. It was an intense game but they came out victorious by 6 runs. The scores were in – 235 runs to Henleaze and 241 runs to C.K.J.S .

Year 4 cricket news

On Monday the 26th of June a group of year 4 children went to Golden Hill sports ground to play a cricket tournament. Our first match was against May Park. Leo and Thomas were resting for this match. They won the toss and they chose to field. George and Fred opened our batting. In the end we got 326 but you start with 200 runs so we actually got 126 runs. Then we started fielding and we took 7 wickets.

At the end of their batting they had 217 runs. Our next match was against Westbury Park. Fred won our toss and chose to field first. We got 5 wickets and they got 258 runs. Then it was our turn to bat. Our opening pair was George and Freddie again. In the end we got 286 runs.

Our next match was vs St Bonaventures. Jonny and Ethan were resting and Thomas won the toss. Leo bowled first. They got 245 runs. Then it was our turn to bat. Felix and Ethan opened our batting. We got 258 runs. Then it was lunch and Mr Dash told us we were through to the semi-final. In the semis we were up against Elmlea B Team. We got 4 wickets including Tom’s wonderful diving catch. They got 210 runs. Our openers were Leo and Thomas. We got 288 runs. We were through to the final. Ethan was resting because Mr Dash liked the team in the semis. Fred won the toss once again. We chose to field first in the match when George was bowling. The batsman hit his own stumps but he also hit it to Leo who caught it. In the end they got 252. Our opening batsmen were Leo and Thomas.

In the end we got 273. That meant we won. Because we won the tournament we are going to another tournament in Stroud.

Tri Golf

On Tuesday 13 June, a group of year 4’s went to St. Bedes to play in a tri golf tournament. We did 6 events. Our first event was chipping the ball into a circle. We did a 2 minute practice and 5 minutes real.

Our 2nd game was putting a ball into the cones and then collecting the cones. The green cone was worth 1 point, the blue one was worth 5 points and the yellow one was worth 10 points.

The 3rd game was hitting the ball over a set of blue cones. If you got it over you would try and putt the ball into a half semi-circle, if you got it in you would get a bonus 5 points.

Next, we had to hit some cones in a random order. It was a very tense round because they were all spaced in different lengths.

After that, we had to hit the ball into a hallway of cones but if you hit the ball past the white cones you got 0 points. You also had to hit the ball straight to get marks.

Finally, it was our hardest game because it was the final round. There was a line of cones and we had to hit the cones with the ball but you couldn’t collect them.

The scores are in, in 4th place were Bank Lea, in 3rd place were Elmlea, in 2nd place were Henleaze and by 12 points, in 1st place were St Bons.Tri Golf

Orchestra Report

On Tuesday 20th June 2017 a group of musicians went to the University of Bristol to play in an orchestral workshop.

First, we tuned up and found our seats. We got introduced to our conductor and learnt when to get ready. The conductor told us to take out our pieces (Spring, Capriol Suite and Jurassic Park) which we played together for the first hour.

Then, we got into sections (brass, strings, wood winds and percussion) and practised in finer detail. The three of us were in strings and although it was hot our conductors helped us a lot.

Next, we got our break of biscuits and squash- yum!

After about 15mins we got back to our seats where Mr Dixon, our conductor, helped us get even better. As the wall opened, we were all feeling a bit nervous. Finally we started our performance. Everything went as planned! Whilst the last few claps were dying away we took a bow.

Sports Day 2017

We had a lovely morning doing the first part of our Sports Day on what is forecast to be the hottest day since 1976! The classes competed in team games, starting at 9:30 and finishing by 10:30, avoiding the hottest part of the morning.

The events included standing jumps, egg and spoon, sack race, javelin, target throw, netball and under-and-over relay.

This morning’s winners were Kestrels, with 161 points, sneaking in ahead of Eagles with 160, followed by Hawks with 149 and Ravens with 144.

The second part of Sports Day, the running races, will be held on Wednesday July 12th. The scores will be added together to give an overall winner. The winning team will be presented with the Sports Trophy at the end of term.


Orchestra at the Uni

19 of our children joined an orchestra of 160 young people at the Bristol University Students Union in Clifton on Tuesday afternoon to rehearse and perform to an audience of parents. The afternoon was organised by Bristol Plays Music, in partnership with the Music department of the University, whose students provided assistance to our musicians.

They tackled three challenging pieces: Capriol Suite, Spring from The Four Seasons and the theme from Jurassic Park. After three hours of intensive rehearsal, including “sectionals” to work on the tricky parts, they produced an amazing performance at the end of the afternoon.

We have been really impressed with the dedication of our orchestra members this year. They have risen to the challenges presented to them, and thoroughly enjoyed playing together. There is no finer feeling than making a joyful noise with a big group of people!

More pictures on the Orchestra Page